General Entertainment Authority Announces Identity of Saudi National Day 93

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of General Entertainment Authority Advisor Turki Al AL-Sheikh launched today the new identity of the Saudi 93rd National Day, which is celebrated on September 23, "We dream and achieve."

National Day 93 identity was inspired by our ambitions, which have grown closer to reality and are represented through the massive projects Saudi Arabia promised in Vision 2030. As a result, Saudi Arabia's influence and position as a crucial and necessary participant at all levels of local and global economic output has grown.

The logo inspiration is like a dreamer painter's brush, drawing the borders of Saudi Arabia to embrace the dream with determination and persistence. Dreams are written to be established in the minds, as this is how dreamers plan their goals with confident steps to achieve them. The logo's colours are inspired by the nation's green colour, the nature of the Kingdom's land.

On this occasion, the General Entertainment Authority has requested that all entities from the public and private sectors use the Saudi National Day 93 Identity by following the guidelines on

Source: Saudi Press Agency