Karbala police arrested four people who killed a citizen

The Police Command of the city of Karbala announced the provisions of its arrest against four suspects for killing a citizen within a record period of no more than one hour.

A police statement, which NINA obtained a copy of, stated that the Anti-crime detachments, after hearing of a murder incident in Al-Razzaza area, formed a work team that included a number of officers and associates, and with field follow-up by the provincial police chief, Major General Ahmed Ali Zweni, and the Director of the Anti-crime department. The work team found that the body had been stabbed by a wounding instrument in the chest area, after which they proceeded urgently and quickly to circulate descriptions of people, collect information, and pursue them with caution and attention. After only one hour, the efforts of the work team resulted in arresting the four suspects, and after in-depth investigation with them and confronting them with evidence, they collapsed and openly confessed they killed the victim, and the weapon of the crime was seized, and their statements were confirmed judicially, and they were referred to the judiciary to receive their just punishment according to the law.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency