Minister of Labor: Our priority in the Employment Fund is to establish relief projects for workers

Ramallah - Ma'an - The Minister of Labor and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Palestinian Employment Fund, Dr. Enas Attari, with the Fund's management in the West Bank, and the Fund's office in Gaza via Zoom technology, the reality of the Palestinian labor market in light of the continuing war on the Gaza Strip, and the Israeli practices in the West Bank that led to a large number of workers losing their jobs, which had negative effects on the economy. Palestinian, and the most effective ways to support our workers and the Palestinian labor market. Dr. Attari confirmed that our priority in the Employment Fund lies in establishing relief projects in the Gaza Strip targeting Gaza workers in the West Bank, Gaza workers in Egypt, and Gaza workers in the Gaza Strip, stressing that the Fund's future efforts will be directed to relief projects for the labor sector and workers in light of the difficult economic situation. . In turn, the Executive Director of the Employment Fund, Abdul Karim Daraghmeh, poin ted out the Fund's role in providing employment and training opportunities for women and youth, to mitigate the effects of the war on the Palestinian labor market, as the Fund is currently implementing several operational projects in the West Bank and Gaza, including: the Ayadi project, and the My First Job project, The Start-Up Palestine programme, the project to enhance economic resilience and facilitate access to decent jobs in the Gaza Strip, and other projects. Source: Maan News Agency