Oil tank leak discussed by National Civil Emergency Committee meeting

Manama, Lieutenant General Tariq Al Hassan, , chaired the National Civil Emergency Committee meeting. Representatives from ministries, concerned authorities, and Bapco Refinery attended to discuss the impacts of the oil tank leak. Lt. Gen. Al Hassan was briefed on the leak incident and the steps taken by Bapco's emergency team, the General Directorate of Civil Defence, and concerned authorities to secure the site and deal with the leak as per pre-set plans and security and safety standards to ensure the safety of the surrounding areas. The meeting reviewed all potential scenarios and discussed plans to deal with them effectively. The Chief of Public Security asserted that the committee is following up on the developments of the incident and the public's complaints regarding the gas odours in some areas. He highlighted that information and instructions regarding such incidents, as per international standards, are avaiable on the National Civil Protection Platform. Lt. Gen. Al Hassan highlighted the National Communication Centre's initiative in cooperation with concerned authorities to continuously release information as the efforts to deal with the impacts of the incident continue. He stressed the importance of obtaining verified information from official sources. Source: Bahrain News Agency