Saudi Arabia Records Lowest Rate of Dust and Sand Storms in May for 20 Years

Jeddah: The Sand and Dust Storm Warning Regional Center has reported an 80% decrease in dust and sand storms in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during the past month, marking the lowest rate for May in 20 years. The Vice President of the National Center for Meteorology (NCM) and Executive Chief of the Sand and Dust Storm Warning Regional Center, Jumaan Al-Qahtani, stated that Riyadh and Eastern regions recorded an 80% decrease, while Qassim and Northern Border regions recorded a 100% decrease. The rate of dust and sand storms in the cities of Riyadh decreased by 95%, Al-Ahsa by 86%, and Qassim and Arar by 100%. Al-Qahtani attributed this decrease to the Kingdom's efforts on environmental issues through the Vision 2030 programs, which aim to reduce dust and sand storms and mitigate their effects in order to promote environmental sustainability and achieve a sustainable future for current and future generations. Source: Saudi Press Agency