NSSA participates in UN/WHO International Conference on Space and Global Health

Bern, The National Space Science Authority (NSSA) participated in the United Nations/World Health Organization International Conference on Space and Global Health, at the invitation of the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs.

NSSA CEO Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim Al Aseeri said that the conference aimed at finding smart solutions to the challenges facing the health sector through the use of space technologies and other advanced technologies.

He added that participants showcased successful experiences in using space technologies and applications to back various efforts in the health sector.

He said that these technologies included digitising information using satellite data and supporting it with ground data from different sources, which leads to extracting high-accuracy information that helps decision makers to make decisions quickly and safely.

Roya Bubshait, Head of the Satellite Image and Data Analysis Laboratory at NSSA said that the delegation learnt about other countries’ experiences in the field of harnessing space and its technologies to develop applications that support the health sector.

She added that the delegation collected many ideas that can be applied in Bahrain, and will study them in preparation for holding a meeting with those concerned in the Ministry of Health to discuss ways to provide the ground data required to start a pilot project that can be used by the health sector for the purpose of improving the services it provides and providing information and qualitative data that did not previously exist.

Source: Bahrain News Agency